Note: This blog was created for a class project and is no longer in use. Feel free to continue browsing, and shoot me a tweet if you have any questions!

Ileana Tomich is the owner and sole writer for this blog. Originally from Bellevue, WA, she now is a 3rd year public relations student at the University of Nevada, Reno. She enjoys video games of the Super Mario Brothers variety, cats, and spending way too much money on makeup.

This blog is the documentation of Ileana’s journey to learn to live like an adult while she’s still in college. She got the idea one day when she woke up and realized she’s halfway through college and still barely knows how to take care of herself. This blog will follow Ileana’s journey, while also serving as a resource for other not-quite-adults-yet who need help learning how to cook, clean, manage their money, and live a more adult lifestyle.


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